We are Moving!

It’s that time again in your life where you’ve decided to move. Whether you’ve done it a few times or you’re new at it, moving is an enormous undertaking and it helps to take it one day at a time so as to not get overwhelmed.

Remember, this is a family affair and it helps to create a plan and assign tasks to your family members so everyone can chip in and work together towards a common goal! Here are a few basic tips so you can get started.

Source all of the items you may need, e.g. boxes – it helps to get boxes that are the same size so they can easily be stacked, tape, scissors, markers, shrink wrap, labels, etc.  Start by sorting items into three piles of what you will take when you move, things that you can donate, and things that will be thrown out, this can be done room by room. It helps to colour code your boxes per room by using multi-coloured tape, that way it’s easy when loading and off-loading the truck. It’s also useful to have a detailed list that will correspond with the box numbers, remember to write the box numbers on each face of the box to locate easily when stacked.

There are some things that will need to be done beforehand such as looking into the availability of trucks for your moving day, whether or not you need a storage unit and if you need to take that day off work. These are just a few tips to help out with this task and a basic moving checklist is available here to make your move more manageable.

Happy Moving!

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